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So, insomnia has some benefits, I've just finished filling in my ESA form, this time around I had 14 pages of supporting notes which is 2 more than last time but also includes several pages of aids and adaptations which wasn't in the old version of the form. Posting it tomorrow and then I'm going to come home and buy myself some board games and generally chill for a bit. Deadline for posting is Friday (I think, certainly the deadline is then I'm not entirely clear if that's to post or receive or what but anyway it's done).

I've also been doing some crip shopping and thought other people might be interested in the Gimble book holder - pretty simple and cool thing for holding books open when reading.

Other than my College trying to claim loans from 2005 now and noone being clear what is happening things are pretty good.


May. 23rd, 2013 03:00 pm
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I've been doing modding for My Little Ponies and thought I'd post them here. I'd appreciate any thought people have on how to post these - I'm going to always cut any large images but is this something you'd like to see on this journal? If I start producing lots I won't post them all here by any means, I might start doing an art journal. I currently don't filter much. But anyway, here are the first batch. My favourite is a Nightmare Moon:

Photo of a nightmare moon custom my little pony, a black pony with pearlescent hair

The rest of the photos under cut )
You can see more about them on my deviant art, my flickr and most are currently available on ebay. I'd love feedback!
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It seems I've been having some issues with receiving email so if you've sent me email and not had a response you were expecting there is a good chance this is why (it's also possible I have forgotten because I have significant memory loss at the moment and am a spoony but in either case a reminder is useful anyway). Feel free to comment here (screened) or try emailing again (I can confirm I've got it if you ask) if you think this might be the case.
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I should soon be posting my 101 things in 1001 days - it feels like I finally have spoons and capacity free and I want to be very conscious of how I use that. I may well not post a full 101 things at first but build it up as I think of things I want to do. Several of the items on there are going to involve me posting (to various places) more. I'm going to be doing more general writing, but I will also be reviewing books and posting photos - book reviews as I finish books, photos probably around once a week as a part of a 365 photo project. I'm currently intending posting those here unfiltered but with lj-cuts so I don't take up so much space. Please comment if you'd prefer these to be filtered. First book review coming up shortly.
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I'm getting (hopefully) getting two electric single beds picked up on the 9th. I have friends picking them up (thanks [personal profile] shortcipher) but could really do with some help getting them upstairs. They are quite heavy (around 90kg) but should be able to be slid upstairs on their side so with 3-4 strong people this shouldn't be too hard to achieve. They'll be picked up during the day on the 9th so I'll want help in the late afternoon/early evening of the 9th to get them upstairs.

Eternal gratitude/pints/meal cooking etc in thanks
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Feel free to link to this or otherwise direct people. I'm looking for personal assistants working for me through my direct payments. I'm looking for two sets of (potentially intersecting) people:
  • I am looking for people to be my PAs long term which will involve relatively short shifts (many of 1-2 hours long) so is unlikely to be suitable for someone who doesn't already live/have other jobs in Arbury or very nearby. This will involve probably 3 PAs sharing the work to allow for holidays gracefully so will be a relatively small number of hours a week - around 9 regularly, more as and when.
  • More urgently I am looking for anyone willing to work up to around 25-30 hours a week as an interim. The shifts can be longer as it is a temporary arrangement and would probably involve one shift of 3 hours a day 7 days a week but longer some other days. I can be more flexible about timing in terms of this beyond there will be a need to do some weekend work.

If you are interested in either or both of these or know someone would might be then see under the cut )
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I have recently received my order from Red Bubble with two very awesome T-shirts and a load of stickers. I am so, so impressed with the stickers - they have supplanted Diginate in my sticker quality squees - in all ways except that they have a standard size so much less good for multiple in that way. But OMG, smooth, beautiful colour with so many fantastic designs. I just, have wanted to sticker all the things which I shouldn't because the house is going to be totally rearranged over the next couple of months so I have simply stickered my laptop for the moment. Really not expensive either - around 70-80p for one decent sized sticker and postage minimal on stickers to the UK. Plus they try to get VAT payed up front so you don't get hit by handling fees! Just *glee*.

I'm going to be putting up some of my photography there as it's a really good way to get some income with relatively minimal effort and it'll be interesting to see if anyone is interested in purchasing.
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I like [ profile] holiday_wishes a lot, it's a good diverse community for sharing winter wish lists and granting wishes as you desire. There is my wishlist here in case you are interested and if you feel like taking part I do recommend it!

Done list

Dec. 2nd, 2012 03:40 pm
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In the last 24 hours I have:
done some stuff )
All in all I am pretty proud of myself. I do seem to have an ace day once in a while, not generally when I am trying to not throw up part of the time!
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So, let me preface this with saying that this is a personal take and I absolutely support people working towards body acceptance (especially women with our societies stupid beauty standards), this is just why generalising that can be quite problematic for some of us. This is something written fairly quickly, though after a fair bit forethought and discussion with various people, I will inevitably get some of this wrong/rather stream of consciousness, feel free to comment with anything you think is problematic/I might have miss spoken with.

So, I whole heartedly agree that it's important to be accepting of who you are and what space you take up, society has so many truly troublesome standards about bodies in general and women's bodies especially which are really, really problematic. However some of us have bodies that are actually wrong and, at least for me, it *hurts* to be told to love my body when it is broken and not matching my identity.

I entirely support and uphold the social model of disability - my impairments are not things that should be fixed physically to make me more normative but things to be adapted to to remove my disability as I experience when trying to access the world and our society. I *love* being a wheelchair user - getting my power assisted chair is one of the best thing to ever happen to me because suddenly I could access things I couldn't dream of before, I felt so very, very free, the movement felt part of me rather than a broken thing I had to put all my effort into and still not work right which is what walking and manual chairs were like.

Having said that, there are still things that are basically not functional about my body or work against my body, things that the facilities do not exist to remove as disability. The most obvious example is pain medication, some of the issues there are with the attitudes of doctors to long term pain relief but a big part is also that medication which will safely and without dangerous side effects treat my pain is certainly hard to find and probably does not exist. So, I cannot help but feel like my pain is a broken and wrong thing about my body and as long as that doesn't move into self hate I think this is not actually problematic.

So, when someone broadcasts suggestions to love or accept your body... this just hurts, it hurts because I know my body is wrong, that it hurts me every day and that I have to fight to just stay alive sometimes. I cannot put this into clearer words. I'm not going to go out and actively aim to feel angry at the world, my body or anything else about these facts but I do want the freedom to shout, if I want the fact that I *hate* these things about my body and therefore, sometimes, I hate my body.

On a different branch, the sex of my body does not match my gender or my identified sex. This is another reason why body love hurts... I have no innate malice against this shape of body, it just doesn't match me and been told to love or accept that is hard, what I'm doing is change my body such that (at least to some degree) I can do that, but I shouldn't be pushed to accept that which is wrong and broken at present.

So, please talk about you loving and accepting your body, but please don't tell me to do the same because it is not a body that is right and though I try for as much acceptance as I can being told this just brings home how much is wrong and broken.
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I have been tidying/decluttering and I've come to the conclusion that I have more wine then I'm ever going to drink as I'm really not drinking much alcohol - especially in the form of wine. So make me an offer if you want some/all )
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So, I should really post more, life has been slightly kicking my arse of late and stupidly busy when I've had spoons so... I'm going to buy myself a thing which I have been hankering over for years... sandals from Pendragon Shoes. There postage is a flat rate 30AUD - anyone interested in doing a shared order?
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Since I'm graduating (not that they have decided what with yet...) my contact details are changing including my gmail address (which I do keep relatively private, but means calendar shares etc are no longer active), you can see my contact details if you are filtered in as postdated posts on my journals :)
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So, I have suddenly found myself with the ability and the urge to read again. Which is awesome. I have a fair bit of material available at the moment but I thought I'd also ask for recommendations, I'm very much interested in trying most things though probably not horror. I'm especially interested in things I can get as ebooks/convert into ebooks because I have a kindle and it's so much easier. I'd be interested in recs for good Avatar fic for one. I know a fair bit of sci fi and fantasy but am always interested in more but I'm especially interested in trying new things at this point, it's a long time since I've read in a big way and I want to have a play with what's out there. I'm also interesting in books both fiction and non-fiction featuring and by people with disabilities and queer people (however broadly that might be defined) - this may partly be because of the Harry Harris LGBT+ Library and my work on a soon to be launched disabled people's library. Both will are open to anyone, not just people connected with the university btw!

So, what are your favourite reads/what do you like to read? Interested in both fiction and non fiction here :D
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So, I'm kinda suddenly starting setting up a library for the local Disabled Students' Campaign and want suggestions on things to include in it (this is not limited to books - we want DVDs, CDs, books that can include novels, poetry, academic books, how tos etc), I both need suggestions ASAP for the first round of funding and longer term for hopeful future extra funding. So, what would you like to have in a library like this if it was near you (or indeed for those of you whom this is going to be near)? Is there things that you have read/heard/seen and enjoyed/found enriching and think other's would do the same? We are looking for both general ideas "I think there should be resources of this type because they are really hard to find and really useful" and specific recommendations. We're going to try and avoid material that is about disabled people by non-disabled people though do suggest things, just please make it clear that is what is being suggested.

So, please comment if you have suggestions, please feel free to link to this post/repost this etc. If specific suggestions give me as much information as you can, like whether the author/creator is disabled, any area of focus and an ISBN if it exists and is easy for you to find so I can get the right resource!

Any help massively appreciated. EEeeeee, library :D
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Disclaimer: I do not know [ profile] liliths_child personally but came across their need for accomodation and offered to post about this. If you are able to help please PM them, please also feel free to ask others and signal boost this request.

My name is Lucrezia. I am a 28 year old woman, currently living in my hometown of Portsmouth. I am disabled and currently rent my own flat, however from April 2012 the government are changing their rules and saying that I am too young to rent a place on my own so I need to find shared accomodation by this date.

more details )
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Things have been pretty hard and dark of late for some very good reasons. I'm getting through it, slowly. This week I have had a sudden burst of getting stuff done when I'm not half asleep from sleep deprivation (partly caused by *insane* amounts of tinnitus) so that's good. There are definitely happy making things, proper workspace and lots of things of todo lists and Degrading is Degrading (campaign against Cambridge Uni's treatment of students intermitting due to illness) has been amazingly well received which is awesome even if it is more stuff to do.

I've been spending a bit of chillout time over the last few days having a look at the (livejournal) holiday wishes community it's a lovely idea, with people being able to post up to 10 holiday wishes and then people can look through and grant the ones they want to. I'm going to do try and do quite a few, there's quite a lot that can be done without costing anything at, I'm going to be doing a fair bit of giving things away that have been lurking for a start. If anyone is interested I have a post of my wishes here.
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I went out to see Tomboy as part of the Film Festival last night. By which I actually mean, I went out with the intention of doing so, arrived just about on time got directed to the screen which other printed out ticket indicated and then, after sitting around wondering why it hadn't started on time discovered we'd been sent to the wrong screen as a screen change had been made. Now, normally I'd expect a refund, maybe a free ticket and a nice apology but this is the Arts Picturehouse. On emerging somewhat confused from the screen we explained and immediately got apologies, got asked to sit a moment while they got a manager (by this point we were 30 minutes into the film so not really useful) and told 'well, we've made a right cockup haven't we'. On discovering that we couldn't make the only other showing we got ushered to the bar to be fed free gin and tonics, the good stuff and I think doubles if not rather more. We then had an experience not unlike holding court, the manager sat down and apologised, started by checking seating for the rest of our films, explained various things, then when away to give us free tickets. Now, we'd paid for one ticket, as I was allowed a free carer, he did know this, so I would have been happy to accept a couple of free tickets, we got four, two valid for the film festival, which could work out to four films for the pair of us. And we just sat there as people ran up to us with things or apologies and explained how this or that would not normally be allowed/expected but just say x/y said it was okay.

I think the grand haul was two lovely and strong gins, 4 tickets (being effectively up to 8), the phone number of the office for the Cambridge Picturehouse to book films with the cinema directly over the phone rather then the national call centre (this is a huge awesome, means we can get access sorted much better), explanation about issues with the disabled loo and who to phone and bug and when so it won't get forgotten... I may be missing things (beyond a lot of red faces). It was an experience. Certainly the best experience of missing a film in my life. I love the Arts, they are awesome and care, do support them :)

Why, yes, I haven't posted in a while, life may have not been the happiest.
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Because it's been too long and even if things are rather stressful there is also lots of good things:

A list )

Now... if I can just get through the exams without dying, failing or completely loosing track re activism that would be great.


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