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Feel free to link to this or otherwise direct people. I'm looking for personal assistants working for me through my direct payments. I'm looking for two sets of (potentially intersecting) people:
  • I am looking for people to be my PAs long term which will involve relatively short shifts (many of 1-2 hours long) so is unlikely to be suitable for someone who doesn't already live/have other jobs in Arbury or very nearby. This will involve probably 3 PAs sharing the work to allow for holidays gracefully so will be a relatively small number of hours a week - around 9 regularly, more as and when.
  • More urgently I am looking for anyone willing to work up to around 25-30 hours a week as an interim. The shifts can be longer as it is a temporary arrangement and would probably involve one shift of 3 hours a day 7 days a week but longer some other days. I can be more flexible about timing in terms of this beyond there will be a need to do some weekend work.

If you are interested in either or both of these or know someone would might be then here is some more information:

Personal Assistant Positions in Arbury, Cambridge


Please contact ArburyPA@gmail for more information or with a CV, you may be expected to fill in an application if you are interested in a long term position.

Job Description

Share of around 26 - 30hours/week Personal Assistant’s job in Arbury Cambridge, late morning and evening regular shifts as well a extra shifts, one for weekly swimming and others as needed. These will be regular shifts every day including calendar holidays and weekends with occasional gaps if I am visiting a friend/travelling. You may be asked to accompany away from Cambridge for several days, wages for this to be discussed. Wages of 10.50 on weekdays and 11.50 on weekends and bank holidays. This in a Personal Assistant’s job not a care position - you would be following my instructions and never instructing me, the roley6c is to enable me to carry out my decisions, not to make them for me. There will be a number of regular tasks including:
• Assistance with getting dressed and undressed
• Assistance washing and bathing
• Prompting me to take medication either regularly or if I am in pain. Bringing medication to myself.
• Preparing meals and drinks (including for animals), and assisting in preparing meals and drink
• Making/changing the bed
• Assistance with laundry
• Accompanying to and if a vehicle is available driving me to social events, swimming and medical appointments - travel costs will be reimbursed
• General day to day assistance such as changing lightbulbs and picking up prescriptions • Being on call in emergency situations • Willingness to work some weekends and holidays

Person specification

Essential criteria
• Flexible availability
• Non-judgemental about all aspects of employer’s lifestyle; including providing assistance directly in relation to them.
• Be able to be physically active throughout the shift
• Reliable and a good timekeeper
• Diligent and conscientious
• Able to follow precise instruction reliably and able to say immediately if an instruction is not understood
• Enjoyment of the day-to-day, as well as enthusiastic to learn and do new things
• Able to work alone
• Flexible attitude and ability to use initiative
• To be able to respect privacy and keep to strict confidentiality in all areas of work • Basic skills in food preparation, being able to follow most simple recipes
• Good communication skills especially ability to speak loudly for those who are hard of hearing. This does not require English as a first language.
• To treat the role as a Personal Assistance role designed to enable my independence
• No lingering smell of cigarette smoke - some friends including myself are allergic

Desirable Criteria
• To understand the ethos of Independent Living and the Social Model of Disability (does not need to know this prior to application, but must be able to learn it and act accordingly)
• Enjoyment of keeping a home in a clean and tidy fashion
• Enjoying preparation of different types of food.
• No experience of or willingness to unlearn/ignore ’home care’ ethos.
• Unfazzed by a unusual situations.
• Driving license and use of a car suitable for transporting a manual wheelchair.
• Willingness to learn basic British Sign Language
• Comfortable using computers and smart phones (don’t need to be technical but being able to use basic programs)
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