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Myself and [personal profile] shortcipher shall be wending our way towards the Mad March Fair this weekend. We have found a lovely B&B with accessible rooms and will be making a weekend of it particularly given we know some wonderful people will also be there. I will also be heading off to the sea and round museums - I've had very few holidays in recent years (read the odd weekend and then always exhausting because of access) and though this is only a weekend I am really looking forward to it in a being somewhere new, outside and relaxing.

We encourage you to join us, it should be awesome, also, who might we be seeing there?


Jan. 16th, 2011 11:40 am
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So, I completely failed a film going recently and thought that as I'm wobbly but it would be good to get out of the house it would be nice to go to a film or two soon, and then I looked at what's on there's The Kings Speech which seems good fun but nothing revolutionary (and the only one [personal profile] shortcipher is interested in), Blue Valentine which looks really quite interesting at least for a romance, I definitely want to see Black Swan. Looking further ahead there is Never Let Me Go which sounds intriguing and I'm finding nothing more about it as I want to come to it fresh.

If you have any recommendations/disrecommendations for any of these or would like to see them with me then drop me a comment (or some other form of communication).


Dec. 5th, 2010 12:52 am
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There are actually a lot of films I want to see currently/coming up (which is unusual) so I thought I would post them so if you felt like joining me we can try and go together. Anyway:
  • From Time To Time which is only at 4:30 on Tuesday.
  • Girl with the dragon tattoo - already have several people keen on this, Arts Picturehouse.
  • The Warrior's Way which is not showing in Cambridge at all and not in that many cinema's nationally, I will be travelling a bit in the next couple of weeks hopefully so that might work. *sadface* on it not being local though.
  • Voyage of the Dawn Treader though once I've caught up on earlier films.

There may well be others. I have been enjoying going to the cinema recently, it allows me to step back from day-to-day life and escape into the film in many ways. This is good.


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