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So, we've taken my beloved table to bits and feeling much happier for accessible office space. Therefore we have available for long term loan a large dining table (we can measure) and some number of dinning chairs (we need to work out how many we want to keep, we'll probably have 4 free anyway). The chairs have a tall back and arch a little so provide back support. So, um, anyone interested in borrowing any of these? We will want them back but not for some time and they are lovely so it's a shame to just leave them sitting in the loft/getting in the way. We would be very grateful for anyone happy to put them to good use, obviously needs to be someone within vaguely near distance to Cambridge.
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So, we bought a really lovely dining table when we moved to Normality but for various reasons it would make a lot of sense to replace it with something else at least in the medium term. But I love my table and don't want to give it up permanently. So, and this is far from certain right now, would anyone be interested in a lovely large and extendible dining table on long term loan? I will hopefully want it back at some point but that won't be at all urgent so I can give you plenty of time to sort it. I'm guessing ideal for someone who has just bought a house/moved somewhere without furniture. Normally it sits 8, extended about 12. It'd make sense to go to someone likely to want it for a while.


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