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I have been a little under the weather any busy doing Christmas and related things (which have generally been awesome in many ways (I got a tart!!!) and plain taking a break otherwise I would crack, the DSA hasn't gone off yet, hoping for Tuesday post.

Relatedly I have been spending a lot of time and a relatively small amount of time look at the steam sale (ends at 6pm tomorrow I believe). I bought a load of bundles with interesting gentle puzzles and adventure or games (those links are the pick of the bunch and much recommended). [personal profile] shortcipher on the other hand bought various generally violent things including throwing yourself off buildings, and is currently addicted to an updated version of breakout which I may yet try (I bought it because it was >£2). For me about 20 games which I really wanted for £30 and one at full price, the princely sum of £7, plus a load of extras from packs. I do need to concentrate on work now though.

In other dangerous to wallet subjects someone seems to be doing Cafe Press for 3D printers and really rather well at that. Just expensive enough to be a stretch but still possible... I have bought something (well two things but the second is small to get up to minimum order ($25)) to see what it's like but generally going, yay, it's the future!

Now, to get my Christmas presents wrapped up (trying to get DLA in and general crash meant leaving it until after Christmas, on the upside almost everything I am giving is half price) and maybe poke the DLA form some more.

There's an interesting situation with the DLA as I don't really want people knowing what I'm saying (not that it's untrue, just very personal). I'm getting [personal profile] shortcipher to look at it and that should be enough, I've decided it's not worth nitpicking about language, just important to get the information there.

More content soon, I have somewhat of a buffer of stuff waiting.


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