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I was introduced to Melissa Scott as an author by [personal profile] merryway shortly after we met (at BSL class which was highly amusing for reasons), being an author she'd grown up reading. I fell in love with her work, writing scifi and fantasy books that included queer people of various ilks, included poly people and more and (mostly) did it without making a big deal out of it. A couple of earlier books seemed to have some queer related word every couple of lines and felt slightly like an overexcited puppy was overexcited at being able to write about queer people at all. This seems to have improved with more recent books and then Melissa stopped writing (much) a number of years back when her partner died so it's so very exciting that she's writing again, and my goodness is she writing again. Plus she's getting a lot of her old books republished (seems like she's aiming to get all her old works available as ebooks. Lost Things was the first of her new books I read, authored jointly by her and Jo Graham. I loved it. Set just after WWI it felt wonderfully anchored in that time while having some really fascinating and wonderfully evocative fantasy elements. I haven't read much recently - see previous comments about capacity, reading would have used lots of spoons which I didn't have - and this was an absolutely page turner (or button pusher since it was on my kindle), staying up far too late several nights and just, fall of action but at a really well judged pace. And there is poly and queer and it's just a thing that feels natural for the time in which it's dealt with. Oh, and I love this style of narration - there is no primary character and no terribly separate narrator, rather the book jumps between focussing on different mayor characters and just eeee.

Trigger warnings include death and violence.

And in exciting, related and topical news today and tomorrow Melissa Scott and Jo Graham are both giving one of their books away for free on ebook.


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