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Because it's been too long and even if things are rather stressful there is also lots of good things:

A list )

Now... if I can just get through the exams without dying, failing or completely loosing track re activism that would be great.
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BSL course starting, looking forward to it.

Finding someone in need of general government wrangling help re impairment related benefits and wheelchair stuffs and being able to help (main thing being a link to the Benefits and Work website which is very useful, especially for DLA and incapacity applications.

Getting gardener round to do work I can't at long last.

People starting to come back to Cambridge (ignoring that this means it's term soon...)
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Getting accounts from the last n months done and dusted (actually quite important for various reasons in the long run and not at all in the short run...).

Also, useful discussion on organisation, enjoyment of lush stuff and music and chilling and hopefully a powerchair that is better adjusted (thank you [personal profile] shortcipher!).
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Using the definition of today that I don't usually use:

Happy thing of yesterday (Tuesday): Tim Minchin concert was really rather awesome.

Happy thing of today (and thence reason for using this definition of today): Urban fox! Not sure I've seen one before. My they are bold.
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Getting books of CUSFS, also will be attending Tim Minchin Concert.

Happy things of yesterday: Getting some clearer and useful thinking on a couple of points, meaning actually managing to be relaxed; being able to help out a friend, especially as she has done similarly for me in the past; having the filter tap fitted so that I have water on tap I can drink.
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Getting one of these. Light enough to carry easily but large enough to function as a normal terminal so fulfills several of mine and [personal profile] shortcipher's needs. Christmas monies FTW!

Other recent happy things:
  • [personal profile] shortcipher being on holiday and exciting holiday plans for fun and getting stuff done.
  • Boardgaming, past and winning by over a 50% margin and future. Getting a copy of Carcassone The City.
  • Getting going on various bits of work and stuff, far less stressed about them if still somewhat just on quantity of stuff to do.
  • Potential positive avenues for improving health in several ways.

There are other things.

I've somewhat stalled on the meme as I don't want to pick just 5 people and it's all a bit playing favours but I have potential ideas. There will hopefully be more posts on various interesting things rather then random day-to-day stuff soon.
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Receiving an adjustable tray which allows me to work in bed or on sofa with not weight on my legs and angled such that e.g. laptop screen is level with head.

Upcoming happy thing of today: New hair style, it will be awesome (if it works)!
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Swimming, I really love it. I managed 2 lots of 20 lengths (17m) at a reasonable pace and a fair bit of gentle stuff/front crawl (which is and was my worse stroke, harder then butterfly but I still managed a full length without stopping to cough up half the pool - I think I could actually get reasonable at front crawl eventually.

~1000m in all which considering everything (including this being my third session after a gap of many years) is damn good. Not quite back to my 1mile in 40minutes but I might yet get there.

(For those who might think that swimming => a certain ability to walk, it really doesn't, weight of myself on my joints is problematic (as in for the entire swimming I had less pain in total then walking more then 20m on a normal day or standing on a bad day) and there is also balance and dizziness and exhaustion (water allows effort to go into moving not just staying upright) so please don't assume this)


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