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I went out to see Tomboy as part of the Film Festival last night. By which I actually mean, I went out with the intention of doing so, arrived just about on time got directed to the screen which other printed out ticket indicated and then, after sitting around wondering why it hadn't started on time discovered we'd been sent to the wrong screen as a screen change had been made. Now, normally I'd expect a refund, maybe a free ticket and a nice apology but this is the Arts Picturehouse. On emerging somewhat confused from the screen we explained and immediately got apologies, got asked to sit a moment while they got a manager (by this point we were 30 minutes into the film so not really useful) and told 'well, we've made a right cockup haven't we'. On discovering that we couldn't make the only other showing we got ushered to the bar to be fed free gin and tonics, the good stuff and I think doubles if not rather more. We then had an experience not unlike holding court, the manager sat down and apologised, started by checking seating for the rest of our films, explained various things, then when away to give us free tickets. Now, we'd paid for one ticket, as I was allowed a free carer, he did know this, so I would have been happy to accept a couple of free tickets, we got four, two valid for the film festival, which could work out to four films for the pair of us. And we just sat there as people ran up to us with things or apologies and explained how this or that would not normally be allowed/expected but just say x/y said it was okay.

I think the grand haul was two lovely and strong gins, 4 tickets (being effectively up to 8), the phone number of the office for the Cambridge Picturehouse to book films with the cinema directly over the phone rather then the national call centre (this is a huge awesome, means we can get access sorted much better), explanation about issues with the disabled loo and who to phone and bug and when so it won't get forgotten... I may be missing things (beyond a lot of red faces). It was an experience. Certainly the best experience of missing a film in my life. I love the Arts, they are awesome and care, do support them :)

Why, yes, I haven't posted in a while, life may have not been the happiest.


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