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Myself and [personal profile] shortcipher shall be wending our way towards the Mad March Fair this weekend. We have found a lovely B&B with accessible rooms and will be making a weekend of it particularly given we know some wonderful people will also be there. I will also be heading off to the sea and round museums - I've had very few holidays in recent years (read the odd weekend and then always exhausting because of access) and though this is only a weekend I am really looking forward to it in a being somewhere new, outside and relaxing.

We encourage you to join us, it should be awesome, also, who might we be seeing there?
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I need 4 sprung pins like you get on walking sticks (the type you get that you can push in but springs back out when not under pressure like shown in My google foo is failing me in terms of finding a supplier for these - particularly as I have a fixed size hole to get it into. Oh, internets where might I get shall items from? I have tried Mackeys, B&Q, Homebase and Ebay as best I can. I may be lacking a proper search term.
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Because I can't and [personal profile] shortcipher is failing to have the get up and go there has be a small amount of DIY sitting and staring at me and being very annoying, mostly putting up shelves and the like. If anyone is competent with a drill and would like to do such for us in exchange for ££, cookies, gratitude this would be awesome. Recommendations of odd job people who don't charge £££££ and wouldn't mind a small job would also be great.
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There's a campaign called Think Outside The Box just launched in Cambridge but looking to go national campaigning on forms, toilets, changing rooms and dress codes to be made more accessible for and inclusive of non-binary-gendered people. If you are interested in it and free come along to the launch meeting this Thursday evening (sorry for the short notice).

The meeting is 7:30pm, 24th February, Cavonius Centre, in the Stephen Hawking Building, Harvey Court, West Road.

Further blurb )
There is a facebook event for those on facebook."
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So, we've taken my beloved table to bits and feeling much happier for accessible office space. Therefore we have available for long term loan a large dining table (we can measure) and some number of dinning chairs (we need to work out how many we want to keep, we'll probably have 4 free anyway). The chairs have a tall back and arch a little so provide back support. So, um, anyone interested in borrowing any of these? We will want them back but not for some time and they are lovely so it's a shame to just leave them sitting in the loft/getting in the way. We would be very grateful for anyone happy to put them to good use, obviously needs to be someone within vaguely near distance to Cambridge.
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So, we bought a really lovely dining table when we moved to Normality but for various reasons it would make a lot of sense to replace it with something else at least in the medium term. But I love my table and don't want to give it up permanently. So, and this is far from certain right now, would anyone be interested in a lovely large and extendible dining table on long term loan? I will hopefully want it back at some point but that won't be at all urgent so I can give you plenty of time to sort it. I'm guessing ideal for someone who has just bought a house/moved somewhere without furniture. Normally it sits 8, extended about 12. It'd make sense to go to someone likely to want it for a while.
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A friend of mine has agreed to buy a very awesome piece of mobility equipment from the US and all was great until the postage quote happened. So, if you are travelling from the US to the UK in the next few months and/or would be willing to give the device (the size of a wheelchair) a home if said person is not going to the US for a while please get in touch, comments screened so you can leave sensitive stuff, though I can't reply without unscreening (I think).

This would mean the world to both my friend and me (I will be borrowing said device at points), making a load of things suddenly accessible.

I'm not happy putting more detail on an unlocked post but can do so to anyone who responds.
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I've found a circumstance of this for cats, both sexes are horribly thin but female cats DO NOT HAVE BREASTS!!!!, nor a longer neck, in fact they are rather similar so why do you have them differentiated at all?


Jan. 16th, 2011 11:40 am
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So, I completely failed a film going recently and thought that as I'm wobbly but it would be good to get out of the house it would be nice to go to a film or two soon, and then I looked at what's on there's The Kings Speech which seems good fun but nothing revolutionary (and the only one [personal profile] shortcipher is interested in), Blue Valentine which looks really quite interesting at least for a romance, I definitely want to see Black Swan. Looking further ahead there is Never Let Me Go which sounds intriguing and I'm finding nothing more about it as I want to come to it fresh.

If you have any recommendations/disrecommendations for any of these or would like to see them with me then drop me a comment (or some other form of communication).
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BSL course starting, looking forward to it.

Finding someone in need of general government wrangling help re impairment related benefits and wheelchair stuffs and being able to help (main thing being a link to the Benefits and Work website which is very useful, especially for DLA and incapacity applications.

Getting gardener round to do work I can't at long last.

People starting to come back to Cambridge (ignoring that this means it's term soon...)
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Getting accounts from the last n months done and dusted (actually quite important for various reasons in the long run and not at all in the short run...).

Also, useful discussion on organisation, enjoyment of lush stuff and music and chilling and hopefully a powerchair that is better adjusted (thank you [personal profile] shortcipher!).
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I have been a little under the weather any busy doing Christmas and related things (which have generally been awesome in many ways (I got a tart!!!) and plain taking a break otherwise I would crack, the DSA hasn't gone off yet, hoping for Tuesday post.

Relatedly I have been spending a lot of time and a relatively small amount of time look at the steam sale (ends at 6pm tomorrow I believe). I bought a load of bundles with interesting gentle puzzles and adventure or games (those links are the pick of the bunch and much recommended). [personal profile] shortcipher on the other hand bought various generally violent things including throwing yourself off buildings, and is currently addicted to an updated version of breakout which I may yet try (I bought it because it was >£2). For me about 20 games which I really wanted for £30 and one at full price, the princely sum of £7, plus a load of extras from packs. I do need to concentrate on work now though.

In other dangerous to wallet subjects someone seems to be doing Cafe Press for 3D printers and really rather well at that. Just expensive enough to be a stretch but still possible... I have bought something (well two things but the second is small to get up to minimum order ($25)) to see what it's like but generally going, yay, it's the future!

Now, to get my Christmas presents wrapped up (trying to get DLA in and general crash meant leaving it until after Christmas, on the upside almost everything I am giving is half price) and maybe poke the DLA form some more.

There's an interesting situation with the DLA as I don't really want people knowing what I'm saying (not that it's untrue, just very personal). I'm getting [personal profile] shortcipher to look at it and that should be enough, I've decided it's not worth nitpicking about language, just important to get the information there.

More content soon, I have somewhat of a buffer of stuff waiting.
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With a view to trying to make nut milk does anyone know where I might be able to obtain either of almonds or hazelnuts cheaply in bulk somewhere in or nearby Cambridge.

p.s. proper update soon, body fail so Pembury may not happen is not happening.
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Current plans involve us spending NYE at the Pembury and the 1st in Oxford given the relative positions of these places and Cambridge it would be somewhat irksome to have to go back to Cambridge in between. Is anyone (especially anyone NYEing at the Pembury) willing to provide accommodations on the evening of the 31st to aid us in this plight? It would be much appreciated/would buy pint(s).
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Using the definition of today that I don't usually use:

Happy thing of yesterday (Tuesday): Tim Minchin concert was really rather awesome.

Happy thing of today (and thence reason for using this definition of today): Urban fox! Not sure I've seen one before. My they are bold.
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Getting books of CUSFS, also will be attending Tim Minchin Concert.

Happy things of yesterday: Getting some clearer and useful thinking on a couple of points, meaning actually managing to be relaxed; being able to help out a friend, especially as she has done similarly for me in the past; having the filter tap fitted so that I have water on tap I can drink.
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Getting one of these. Light enough to carry easily but large enough to function as a normal terminal so fulfills several of mine and [personal profile] shortcipher's needs. Christmas monies FTW!

Other recent happy things:
  • [personal profile] shortcipher being on holiday and exciting holiday plans for fun and getting stuff done.
  • Boardgaming, past and winning by over a 50% margin and future. Getting a copy of Carcassone The City.
  • Getting going on various bits of work and stuff, far less stressed about them if still somewhat just on quantity of stuff to do.
  • Potential positive avenues for improving health in several ways.

There are other things.

I've somewhat stalled on the meme as I don't want to pick just 5 people and it's all a bit playing favours but I have potential ideas. There will hopefully be more posts on various interesting things rather then random day-to-day stuff soon.


Dec. 5th, 2010 12:52 am
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There are actually a lot of films I want to see currently/coming up (which is unusual) so I thought I would post them so if you felt like joining me we can try and go together. Anyway:
  • From Time To Time which is only at 4:30 on Tuesday.
  • Girl with the dragon tattoo - already have several people keen on this, Arts Picturehouse.
  • The Warrior's Way which is not showing in Cambridge at all and not in that many cinema's nationally, I will be travelling a bit in the next couple of weeks hopefully so that might work. *sadface* on it not being local though.
  • Voyage of the Dawn Treader though once I've caught up on earlier films.

There may well be others. I have been enjoying going to the cinema recently, it allows me to step back from day-to-day life and escape into the film in many ways. This is good.
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Receiving an adjustable tray which allows me to work in bed or on sofa with not weight on my legs and angled such that e.g. laptop screen is level with head.

Upcoming happy thing of today: New hair style, it will be awesome (if it works)!
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Swimming, I really love it. I managed 2 lots of 20 lengths (17m) at a reasonable pace and a fair bit of gentle stuff/front crawl (which is and was my worse stroke, harder then butterfly but I still managed a full length without stopping to cough up half the pool - I think I could actually get reasonable at front crawl eventually.

~1000m in all which considering everything (including this being my third session after a gap of many years) is damn good. Not quite back to my 1mile in 40minutes but I might yet get there.

(For those who might think that swimming => a certain ability to walk, it really doesn't, weight of myself on my joints is problematic (as in for the entire swimming I had less pain in total then walking more then 20m on a normal day or standing on a bad day) and there is also balance and dizziness and exhaustion (water allows effort to go into moving not just staying upright) so please don't assume this)


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