Jun. 23rd, 2012

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So, I'm kinda suddenly starting setting up a library for the local Disabled Students' Campaign and want suggestions on things to include in it (this is not limited to books - we want DVDs, CDs, books that can include novels, poetry, academic books, how tos etc), I both need suggestions ASAP for the first round of funding and longer term for hopeful future extra funding. So, what would you like to have in a library like this if it was near you (or indeed for those of you whom this is going to be near)? Is there things that you have read/heard/seen and enjoyed/found enriching and think other's would do the same? We are looking for both general ideas "I think there should be resources of this type because they are really hard to find and really useful" and specific recommendations. We're going to try and avoid material that is about disabled people by non-disabled people though do suggest things, just please make it clear that is what is being suggested.

So, please comment if you have suggestions, please feel free to link to this post/repost this etc. If specific suggestions give me as much information as you can, like whether the author/creator is disabled, any area of focus and an ISBN if it exists and is easy for you to find so I can get the right resource!

Any help massively appreciated. EEeeeee, library :D


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