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Disclaimer: I do not know [ profile] liliths_child personally but came across their need for accomodation and offered to post about this. If you are able to help please PM them, please also feel free to ask others and signal boost this request.

My name is Lucrezia. I am a 28 year old woman, currently living in my hometown of Portsmouth. I am disabled and currently rent my own flat, however from April 2012 the government are changing their rules and saying that I am too young to rent a place on my own so I need to find shared accomodation by this date.

I am looking to move to London, as I have recently started studying my degree at Birkbeck College, part of the University of London. I am studying Japanese and Linguistics if you are interested! I commute at the moment, but it is very difficult so a move would be good for me.

I have a pet dog, called Jacob. Jacob is a four-year-old Rottweiler that has been trained to help me with certain things around the house that my disabilities make difficult. He fetches stuff for me, helps me to stand up when I find it difficult, and generally follows me around helping me out when he's ordered to. Getting rid of Jacob is not an option, as he is not only a pet, but a lifeline.

I am looking for somewhere in or around London for around the £120 per week mark. At the moment I am on benefits due to my disabilities, so I need a landlord who is understanding of this and will accept housing benefit. I hope to be able to start working soon though, so this situation shouldn't be long-lasting. I also need someone who understands that I must have my dog with me. I will obviously keep him confined to my own room when I go out without the dog, so he won't be in anyones way, but he will be there!

I am not in a wheelchair so don't require anything particularly 'disability friendly', but ideally not somewhere with 15 flights of stairs and no lift! But ultimately I just want somewhere to live as I don't want to be homeless again, so will take whatever I can get!

The ideal situation would be to find a mutli-roomed property for rent, and then for me to find my own housemates who are comfortable around the dog, but as long as sharers in the house are ok with big dogs then that will be fine.

I have been receiving Housing Benefit for many years and have never skipped rent payments. I can provide references for both me and the dog (we are both good tenants), have a guarantor, and a deposit. I also pay for a cleaner to visit me once a week so anywhere I rent will be kept very tidy. A big plus for anyone sharing with me as all communal rooms will be cleaned for them - no more scrubbing the kitchen!

I know that I am asking for a lot - a room in shared accomodation that will rent to someone on benefits who has a dog - so if anyone thinks that they can help me, then please do contact me.


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