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Because it's been too long and even if things are rather stressful there is also lots of good things:

  • Many, many lovely shiny people. New friends, [personal profile] merryway in particular :).
  • Lush things even if I'm a bit addicted.
  • The garden is an awesome, bulbs put in earlier in the year are looking lovely, the magnolia was fantastic and spring is in the air.
  • Wheelchairs of win - I very rarely spend the whole day in bed now and I'm out and about far more and getting exercise.
  • Activism stuff is going well even if I've stalled due to illness.
  • [personal profile] shortcipher has next week off work so get some time with them before term starts being too busy.
  • Loving reading again. Also computer games in moderation.
  • New cleaner/carer is awesome, she's coming once a week and doing a combination of cleaning and tidying.
  • Planned exciting weekend in Coventry in 2 weeks. Hee people.
  • I have mostly got through the nagging things on my todo list (not the big things but a number of small/medium tasks that had been bothering me.

Now... if I can just get through the exams without dying, failing or completely loosing track re activism that would be great.

Date: 2011-04-24 09:20 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] merryway
Remember there are external people to tag re: activism things where practical and relevant :).

And eeee coventry! eeeee lovely shiny people! eeee being a lovely shiny person :D.



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